Life With Humans+

I started a new Minecraft game last night with the Humans+ mod enabled.  I’d link to it, but is down.


Life in Minecraft always starts generally the same way.

1. Wake up in strange foreign land.

2. Beat down tree with meaty fist.

3. Bury self alive to prevent being eaten by zombies.

Humans+ has made the experience much more interesting by providing the first… how shall I say…  “moment of shock” much sooner.  As in, right after I planted my workbench down and went looking around for coal.

Hello to you too, good sir!

One of the humans that was kicking around was coming towards me.  Oh, he must be friendly, I thought naively to myself.  Unless greetings in this strange new world (named ‘Patate’, btw) are made by smacking somebody in the face with a sword, I don’t think he was very friendly.


This world is mad!  MAD!!!

Eventually I half-bury myself into a cave I found.  Half-bury because I didn’t actually have enough blocks at the time to fully bury myself.  I did, fortunately, have enough blocks to befuddle the AI of another denizen of Patate, whom I could poke with my mighty meatfist until he yielded.


…and boy did he yield!  In particular he yielded a sword of blowing shit up.

Dodge, parry, explode!

After making it through the first night, I did some relatively mundane things like digging a tunnel deep into the ground, and collecting a bunch of minerals.  While I was up in the mountains collecting wood later, though, I saw a couple really neat sites.  The first is a bird’s-eye-view of the biome-based coloring I have enabled in my texture pack.


Showing off biome-based coloring. Gorgeous!

The second is a land feature off in the distance, which I have taken to calling “The Gate”.  I don’t know what’s out there, but I intend to go and find out one of these days.

The Gate, off in the distance.

In the meantime, though, I’m just concentrating on making sure I have a comfortable place to be safe from banditos and marksmen pighunters.

Home, sweet home. <3

And don’t worry, the assassin there on my front lawn is on my side.  :D


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