Scott Pilgrim and Retro Games

I haven’t yet picked up the comics (I surely will at some point!), but man I’m loving everything Scott Pilgrim.  Maybe I’m a little late to the bandwagon, but I don’t care!  Anything that’s awesome and happens to be Canadian gets extra props from me.  :)

The Scott Pilgrim PSN game that I’ve been playing the past couple of days is just fantastic.  A real homage to old 2.5D side-scrollers like River City Rampage and the like.  Loads of fun to play, and a soundtrack that kicks just as much ass as the movie’s.

There’s a real resurgence of retro-style games lately.  It occurs to me now that I think about it that there are a lot of folks like me out there right now — grew up with games that really aren’t made anymore.  Things like 2D scrollers, adventure games, first-person party-based RPGs, etc.  I think a lot of my person game concepts refer a great deal to these old genres of games.

I just need to get off my ass and get crackin’ on some hobby game development again!

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