Player vs Player: SC2 and WoW

Just played a ranked match for the first time in months!  My heart is pounding, though I expected it to be pounding during the match, not after.  Got 2-gate proxy’d, but kept my cool.  Good game.  :)

Full analysis of my ladder matches happens on my other blog, A Bustle in the Hive, but I have some meta-analysis that is more appropriately done here.  :)   More after the break!

StarCraft has been a really strange experience for me so far.  I have a lot of fun in almost every match I play.  I have a wealth of knowledge about tactics and strategy and whatnot because I absolutely love watching commentated SC2 games.  It feels a lot like I imagine it feels for folks who watch a lot of football to play football.  :)   (Except that I’m not getting any exercise lol)

It feels really good to be able to take that knowledge, and apply in practice.  Take this match I just played, for example…  I saw my opponent scouting my base early, and his probe didn’t stay around my base for long.  I assumed he was going to rush with Photon Cannons (static defense towers that would be able to shoot my base).  I took a few drones (not too many!) to kill his pylon, but he didn’t have one close to my base.  Fair enough.  Scouted a bit more with my overlords, and saw that he was setting up a couple of unit-production buildings nearby.

Rather than try and bust in with a small force, I turtled up a bit with some static defenses of my own, waited until he attacked, and then counter-attacked with a bunch of units strong against the only ones he was able to make.  He dropped from the game without even a “gg”.  heh  :)

I didn’t panic, and I don’t feel like I made any really terrible decisions.  It felt good.

This is in direct opposition to how PvP has often felt in World of Warcraft, which is that it rarely ever feels good for me.  I end up outmatched, outgeared, or outnumbered almost 100% of the time.  I really prefer playing tank classes, and those tank classes typically perform poorly in PvP.  That’s not even taking into account how frustrating WoW PvP normally is in battlegrounds due to how inept the rest of your team normally seems.  (Though, to be honest, I’m almost certainly part of the problem a lot of the time.  :( )

All that aside, I wish WoW could capture the dynamic feel of SC2 in its dungeons and raids.  Doing scripted events over and over week after week can get pretty dull, and the PvP aspect of WoW just doesn’t appeal to someone like me who prefers to play a tank.  Which is a real shame — battlegrounds like Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin have typically been pretty fun.  AV in particular is often fun, win or lose.

I’m starting to ramble.

First game back to SC2 ladder matches, and managed to beat someone Platinum, and I’m Gold.  Feels good.  :)

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