Remembrance Day

It’s not quite 11am, but with Caeli strapped to my chest asleep, it feels like an appropriate time to observe a minute of silence in remembrance for those who gave their lives for us.

The sun came out for the first time in nearly a week today. I had forgotten what it was like having to wear sunglasses, and not getting soaked doing things like walking the dog. There’s a chill to the air — it’s November today, that’s for sure. It’s a beautiful day, though. A beautiful day, and I’m very much alive and well, with a beautiful wife, and a beautiful daughter. Beautiful things that so many people no longer have the ability to enjoy. I think it’s safe to say that I take my life and my family and the ease of my day-to-day activities pretty much for granted. I’ve been spoiled by a life mostly free of any “real” stress.

I’ve said before that I can see God in Caeli’s smile. They’re all there, too — the selfless men and women who have given their lives in sacrifice, so that others could live free. Making the most of this clear, crisp and sunny day seems like such a small thing compared to the sacrifice made by others, but if we can’t make the most of a single day, what right do we really have to complain about the rest?

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