Archives for the Month of November, 2010

Player vs Player: SC2 and WoW

Just played a ranked match for the first time in months!  My heart is pounding, though I expected it to be pounding during the match, not after.  Got 2-gate proxy’d, but kept my cool.  Good game.  Full analysis of my ladder matches happens on my other blog, A Bustle in the Hive, but I have [...]

Remembrance Day

It’s not quite 11am, but with Caeli strapped to my chest asleep, it feels like an appropriate time to observe a minute of silence in remembrance for those who gave their lives for us. The sun came out for the first time in nearly a week today. I had forgotten what it was like having [...]

Rune Factory 3… Where?!

I’m like totally pissed that Rune Factory 3, which launched yesterday, isn’t coming to a store near me for another two weeks. What the hell?! Sounds like it’s going to be a kickass game. Too bad I won’t be able to fully enjoy it before Cataclysm comes out on Dec 7th. I was really hoping [...]

A New Blog

I’ve tried, at times, to maintain a blog dedicated to specific personal endeavours — hobby game development, art, music, gaminc, etc — but never managed to keep it up. Well, I’m giving up on trying to do something specific, and instead going for something general! Posts here will cover any variety of topics, from game [...]