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With Any Luck…

So here’s the plan. I have been doing a lot of game development at home as a hobby.  I have been doing a pretty good job of breaking things down into milestones and task lists.  I think there might be people out there interested in what I’m doing.  Therefore, I’m going to make as much [...]

Remembrance Day

It’s not quite 11am, but with Caeli strapped to my chest asleep, it feels like an appropriate time to observe a minute of silence in remembrance for those who gave their lives for us. The sun came out for the first time in nearly a week today. I had forgotten what it was like having [...]

A New Blog

I’ve tried, at times, to maintain a blog dedicated to specific personal endeavours — hobby game development, art, music, gaminc, etc — but never managed to keep it up. Well, I’m giving up on trying to do something specific, and instead going for something general! Posts here will cover any variety of topics, from game [...]